Challenges facing girl child education in an inclusive setting, in Muruka zone, Kandara division, Kandara dirsict Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
One of the goals of millennium development goals is to ensure that there is gender parity in access to education. Education for All (EFA) has indeed brought the girl child education to another level where the government of Kenya has laid down strategies aimed at improving girl child enrolment and transition to higher levels. This study therefore looked at the challenges faced by the girl child in pursuit of education. The study was carried out at Primary data was sourced through the use of questionnaires while secondary literature was sourced by use of books, journals, bulletins, papers and the Internet. These materials were indeed provided a comparison between the situation of the study area and the other parts. The researcher used descriptive survey type of research design, targeting Muruka zone in Kandara district. A total of 21 schools were targeted as the universe, while 10 BCD units were selected as the sample population by use of simple random sampling. The findings showed that though concerted efforts have been put in place of late much needs to be done. The girl child is still burdened despite the efforts. The researcher recommends that the government should strengthen and enforce existing laws that protect the girl child. Special girl institutions also need be introduced in all districts to boost enrolment rates for the girl child.
A Research Report Submitted To Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Degree In Early Childhood (Primary Education) Of Kampala International University
Girl child education, Muruka zone, Kandara division, Kandara district, Kenya