Violation of media freedom in Kenya: a case study of the standard media group raid

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Kampala International University.College of Humanities and social science
In relation to the recent Standard Media Group raid, the question of the government's dedication to upholding media freedom was voiced. It is because of the above need that the researcher undertook to examine the case and various factors contributing to media relations with the government. The maJor aim of this paper was to examme the vanous incidences of media violations in the past few years in Kenya. This study looked at the predisposing factors and the different views and opinions of the various stakeholders on the issue. The analysis helped look at the problem, its views and opinions from a heterogeneous population and help identify possible solutions to the situation. The findings of the study led to the recommendation that there is need to advocate for training of both sides: the media and the government to foster good working relations which is parainount for development.
Research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements of award of bachelors Degree in Mass Communication
Violation, Media, Freedom, Kenya