Motivation strategies and job performance in organisations. A case study of National Human Rights Commission, Nigeria

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study sought to examine the motivation strategies and Job Performance in organizations at National Human Rights Commission Nigeria as it continues to be an issue of concern in modern organizations and this is related to motivation strategies that were studied which include ; pay and rewards, career development and job design. It based on the following objectives. · To. e~amine how employee compensation and rewards in ·N~tional Human Rights Commission Nigeria have affected job performance, to assess how Career Development has affected Job Performance, and lastly to examine how Job design has affected Job Performance. Primary data was obtained directly from the field by use of data collection instruments. The questionnaires were designed in a way that reflects the objectives of the study so as to enable the researcher gather relevant data relating to the topic. Questionnaires were also preferred mainly because they were more convenient for both the researcher and the respondents' especially busy respondents and they are more flexible in data analysis. Different indicators were used to measure the variables, which were collected. The results indicate that effectiveness of motivation strategies in modemizing National Human Rights Commission Nigeria creates awareness, promotes a good name for the organization and helps to promote good interpersonal relations among workers and among others. A number of solutions were suggested in improving the use of motivation strategies in modernizing the Commissionand these include; increase on remuneration of staff as a motivating factor for improved Job Performance, organization should support and encourage timely feedback especially during the performance appraisal of the staff in order to provide training where necessary, use of proper job design channels. The researcher conducted the study about motivation strategies and Job Performance because as a Human Resource Professional there was need to understand the relationship between motivation and Job Performance. The methods used in selecting the study population included simple random sampling and the study population was 50 respondents. The major findings were that poor reward and remuneration of staff negatively affects job performance and that better remuneration of staff improves on job performance in organizations. In conclusion National Human Rights Commission Nigeria has to emphasize on motivation strategies as tool for better job performance.
A Research Report Submitted to the college of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor's Degree of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Motivation, job performance