Advancing reproductive health in Kenya. A human rights perspective.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
Sexual and reproductive health are among the most sensitive and controversial issues in international human rights law, but they are also among the most important. Reproductive health cannot be separated from the right to life. When reproductive health rights are violated, lives are lost. Women, youths and the children, mostly bare the brunt of ill reproductive health. In Kenya for instance many women still lose their lives due to reproductive health complications. The still births, maternal and infant mortality rates are still unacceptably high. The state has also relaxed on its duty to actually fulfill, protect and respect the reproductive rights of the people. There is no proper legislation that provides for a clear roadmap on how to handle reproductive health cases. Reproductive health has now been widely accepted as part of human right. It is therefore imperative that all the doctrines applicable to all other human rights be applied to the reproductive health accordingly. The reproductive health rights need not to be pegged to other factors such as religious and cultural relativism most of which are harmful. Rights need to be guaranteed, regardless of the feelings by other interested parties. This research therefore attempts to explore the applicability of the human rights law to reproductive health
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor’s degree in law of Kampala international university
Human rights, Advancing reproductive, Health, Kenya