The “daily news" newspaper as the mouth piece of Tanzanian government case study: Kinondoni district, Dar-es-salaam city

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of the study was to find solutions to the problems of biased, unjust and unobjective reporting with special regard to the "Daily News" newspaper as the mouthpiece of the Tanzanian government. The study was centered at Kinondoni municipality in Dar es Salaam region data was collected critically by seeking views from people in the above stated area by the use of interviews and questionnaires. The study was guided by objectives of the study; which focused on editors, journalists, and proprietor of the media houses and some members of the general public. Data was later collected in view of the objectives and analyzing tables were used from which conclusion were drawn. The views about the problem were then noted significantly basing on majority contribution. This led to the following recommendations: For the media to function properly, objectively, accurately and fairly the ownership should be put aside from the management (administration) and journalism should be professionalized.
Research paper submitted for partial fulfillment of the award of bachelor’s degree in mass Communication at Kampala international university.
Mass communication, Daily news" newspaper, Mouth piece of, Tanzanian government