Effect of mental retardation on academic perfomacnce of learners in Kakuyu Zone. Kyuso District - Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study was found at finding out the effects of mental retardation on academic performance of learners in Kaundu primary school Kakuyu zone Kyuso district. This was done through setting objectives and research questions which were to be presented to teachers and learners for data collection. This data was to be analyzed and presented to come out with a clear pictures of the problems faced by mentally retarded learners. The researcher had also to read widely and thoroughly together information on the contributions made by other people in addressing problems related to mental retardation. The researcher tried to identify the causes of mental retardation and its effects on academic performance and challenges faced by learners with mental retardation in Kaundu primary school, Kakunyu zone Kyuso district. She also had to find out the number of teachers trained on this area of disability and the teaching methods and approaches used in teaching learners with mental retardation. After analyzing the data, the researcher found out that there is a large number of mentally retarded learners in Kaundu primary school. It was also noted that teaching/ learning of the mentally retarded is faced with many barriers due to lack of enough trained personal and resources in this area of special need. In recommendation, the researcher tells that there is need for training and in - serving teachers in order to enable them acquire the new skills and knowledge needed to support the learners with mental retardation. The government should also provide for all the necessary resources required.
Research report submitted to institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of bachelor of education in special needs education Kampala International University
Mental retardation, Academic performance, Learners, Kenya.