An analysis of the law on the prevention of drug abuse in Uganda

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Kampala international University, School of Law
The study provided for an analysis of the law on the prevention of drug abuse in Uganda. It therefore expressed concern on the legal framework in regulation of drug abuse in Uganda/ ways through which drugs have been abused in Uganda/ explored the challenges of the law on prevention of drug abuse in Uganda and also provided for summary of findings/ conclusions and recommendations. The study used a doctrinal research method which was based on analyzing legal documents and how they have been used to cover challenges faced by drug abusers in the world, regionally and Uganda. The study concludes that drug abuse continues to pose a serious challenge to health/ social and economic well-being of people in Uganda hence increasing the number of drug addicts irrespective of the law which increases more concentration on law enforcement than prevention/ treatment and rehabilitation. Many of these are located in urban centers mainly in Kampala are largely uncoordinated. The enactment of sound policies and interventions that work to curtail drug abuse in Uganda is long overdue/ if we are to address the physical and social consequences caused by drugs. The study therefore/ recommended Government to carry out teaching of behavior change of Drug abuse through constant behavior change communication to the communities especially the youth/ all over the country and this in accordance to findings should start at home/ then schools/ Churches and all big gatherings. The study further recommended for the amendment of the law to clarify the definitions so that related actors and offenses can be comprehensively described and thus eliminating legal gaps among other factors as shown recommended in chapter five
A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University
Law, Drug abuse, Uganda