Comparative analysis of claims settlement operations under insurance law: Uganda and Zambia in perspective

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Kampala International University, School of Law
With constant liberalization of the economy, issues of insurance (claims settlements) are a growing concern and as such the law governing insurance is one that must be taken into critical consideration. This research sought to investigate the insurance industry and its regulation in Uganda and Zambia. In that regard, the study took a comparative analysis of claims settlements operations under insurance law in the two countries; reviewing the regulatory bodies and to come up with effective mechanisms that can be utilized by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda and the Pensions Insurance Authority of Zambia. Using qualitative research methods, the study established that the use of iriformation communication technology could enhance the efficiency of the two Regulatory bodies. The research brought out various challenges such as fraud in the industry, lack of an efficient iriformation sharing system, strict regulations from the Regulatory Authorities on the insurance companies, internal processes delaying claims settlements among others. It recommends that the Regulatory bodies and insurance companies need to continuously upgrade infrastructure and computerization, increase claims settlement limits for branches, and be able to explain the technical language used in the policy to customers that may not understand the language.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of the Degree of Bachelor of laws of Kampala International University
Comparative analysis, Claims settlement operations, Insurance law, Uganda, Zambia