Free Primary Education and Impact on Primary Education: A Case Study of Education Centers in Owimbi Zone, Madiany Division, Rarieda District Kenya.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
The major purpose of the study was to determine the impact of Free Primary Education on Early Childhood Education in Owimbi Zone, Madiany Division, Rarieda District, Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were to; investigate the Impact of free primary education on the enrollment of early childhood, to determine the Impact of free primary education on the quality of teachers of early childhood education and to asses the Impact of free primary education on resource allocation to early childhood education, The study revealed that; Parents are withdrawing their children from early child because of free primary education, Because of free primary education resource allocation to early childhood has decreased, Government has ignored early childhood education to take care of the large number of free primary education and Parents want early childhood education like primary be made free. The study revealed that there are no enough teachers in ECD Centers, it also revealed that it is the parents and the school that pay the teachers in EC D Center and also the introduction of free primary education has reduced the salary of teachers. The study revealed that ECD Centers do not have enough class rooms, they do not have enough teaching materials and free prim my education has affected the allocation of resources .. It also revealed that the government does not visit ECD Centers regular as the case with primary school. The government should allocate more resources in ECD Centers The government should provide ECD Centers with the learning resources There is need to design curriculum that is suitable for young children
A Research Report Submitted To The Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Award Of Bachelor Of Education Of Kampala International University.
Free Primary Education, Rarieda District Kenya