Advertisement and market share of tellecom companies in Mogadishu Somalia

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Kampala International University
This study was set out to establish the extent to which advertising affects market share of telecom companies in Mogadishu. Specifically the study wanted to establish the effect of (i) media advertising (ii) billboard advertising and (iii) celebrity advertising, on market share in Mogadishu telecom companies. The study was done by developing a conceptual frame relating advertising and market share. The study employed a descriptive co-relational design; data were collected from 50 respondents using self administered questionnaires as the main data collection instruments. Data were analyzed at uni-variate level using frequency counts and summary statistics and Pearson Linear Correlation coefficient at bi-variate level. The study revealed that media, billboard, and celebrity affect market share, in significant relationships with r-value = 0.860, 0.864 and 0.911 in respectively. From the above findings appropriate conclusions and recommendations including those for further research were made. Recommendations from the study were (i) The firms should maintain the current promotions and try to implement media advertising programs effectively (ii) the firms should train their marketing and sales staff (iii) Communications efforts should be viewed from the perspective of managing long term customer relationships (iv) firms should choose appropriateness celebrities who have got influence in their places along sides other forms of advertising.
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Advertisement, Market shares, Mogadishu, Somalia