Instructional material and pupil’s academic performance: a case study of Kawempe Division

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
This study was carried out to establish the instructional materials and pupils' academic performance in Kawempe Division. The following objectives were used in this study; to identify the existing types of teaching and learning aids used in primary schools, to investigate whether primary teachers were aware of the importance of teaching/learning aids, and to investigate the form of support offered to primary schools to acquire the relevant teaching and learning aids. This study employed descriptive survey design. The design helps in looking for primary data. The design was good in getting information that was quantitative and qualitative. Secondary data was got by getting literature information form books, journals, newspapers and other educational pamphlets. The analysis revealed that majority of the teachers were interviewed from primary schools ; although there were some remaining few who had qualified as general education. Basing on the findings in this analysis the teachers were fully aware of the value of using teaching/learning aids and there was a high probability that they were using them. Findings however revealed that most teachers used the teaching aids, but not so often, although another great number submitted in their ability to use the teaching/learning materials all the time. Recommendations also were made for example Community has a part to play in this problem. Fundraisings should be conducted to help to solicit funds from the public to support primary schools.
Research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Long Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Diploma in Primary Education of Kampala International University
Material, Pupil’s, Academic performance, Kawempe Division