Causes for students strikes in secondary schools in Fortportal municipality Kabarole District in Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The main purpose of this study will be to assess the causes of strikes in secondary schools in Fort Portal. Study will be aimed at investigating the following. First the history of student strikes in Fort Portal. Secondly the study will investigate the role of school stake holders in addressing the said problem. And lastly the researcher will make study recommendation to curb the speed of the strikes across the entire municipality. The study employed descriptive research methodology to investigate why students in secondary school engaged in school unrest. The research survey wa~ based on the opinion of the research and the respondent interviewed helped together information needed to form the primary data. The researcher gatheied information from various sources books journals archives academic papers data observation interview schedule and questionnaire guide. Reliability and validity of these tools is that they were handled by their teachers themselves and students who were actually the targeted population. Among the target population are school students teachers and other education stakeholders. Both the primary and secondary data were analyzed to extract relevant report that enabled the researcher make valid and reliable research findings and recommendation. Some of the research findings were poor public relations, poor school nutrition, peer pressure drugs and abuse of substance, bad leadership in management of the schools and in the community including external and political interference prevalent monotonous method of instructions and examination phobia among the students.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Education, Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor of Education in Arts at Kampala International University
Students strikes, Secondary schools, Fortportal Municipality, Kabarole District, Uganda