Attitudes and practices of mothers towards neonatal umbilical cord sepsis in maternity ward of Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
Globally, it is estimated that over four million newborns die annually from serious neonatal infections. The World Health Organization 2007 estimated that 85% of newborn deaths are due to infections including sepsis (50%), pneumonia (15%) and tetanus (20%). Of the infants identified with sepsis, 40% die and the biggest toll is noted in developing countries. Neonatal umbilical septicemia continues to be a major health problem with up to 323 of every 1000 neonates seen in clinics presenting with clinical symptoms. In particular, cord sepsis and neonatal tetanus contribute significantly to high neonatal mortality in settings where clean delivery, cord care and maternal immunization against tetanus are not guaranteed. Cord sepsis poses a significant risk for mortality in resource limited countries, especially in government hospitals. The study was carried to find out the attitudes and practices of mothers towards neonatal umbilical cord sepsis in maternity ward of Kitagata Hospital, basing on the following study objectives; the factors associated with neonatal umbilical cord sepsis and the prevalence of umbilical cord sepsis among neonates in maternity ward of Kitagata Hospital. The study was conducted at Kitagata Hospital, in Sheema district, employing a cross sectional descriptive design and enrolled all mothers whose neonates were found admitted in the maternity ward and ready to freely participate in the study. A sample size of 96 respondents who were selected using a simple random sampling technique was used in the study. A pretested, self- administered questionnaire was used as a primary data collection tool which was filled by the respondents after getting informed consent. All the data collected was kept confidential by the researcher and was analyzed by the Statistical Package for Social Science 17.0 program after which it was presented using tables, pie charts and graphs. Cross-tabulations were also drawn.
A research report submitted to Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Neonatal umbilical cord sepsis, Kitagata hospital, Sheema District