Environmental consequences of sand mining on the shores of Lake Victoria: a case of study of Kiyirira village Katabi sub County, Wakiso District

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Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science
Sand mining is one of the major economic activities in and around wetlands of Wakiso District and is an important Source of income among smallholder communities in many parts of the country. The gray white sand type ( Plasita ) and yellow brown sand type (Nyanjja ) are commonly harvested. However, the gray white sand dominates the harvest and Wakiso’s gray white sand is demanded by the construction industry because it has a fine particle component other types don’t have. However, due to over harvesting of sand in this area, significant environmental consequences have been noticeably observed, especially in the last two years i.e. deforestation, erosion, increasing diseases, poor communication system, reluctance of the law and policy formulation bodies, among others. This led to this study on possible environmental consequences of sand mining. This study will enhance environmental and community sensitization on the dangers of sand mining. Finally, it is suggested that because sand is an important aspect of economic activity of Katabi sub-county, Wakiso has a high stake and important role to play in monitoring and evaluating sand mining activities in this particular region.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of the degree in Bachelor of Environmental management of Kampala International University
Sand mining, Environmental consequences, Lake Victoria, Kiyirira village, Wakiso District