Effects of culture in regards to property inheritance, Culture vis-a-vis property inheritance by women in Uganda case study: the nubian community Luwero district (bombo town)

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This research is aimed at establishing the right of women to own property in Africa in general taking the practice in Bomba town as an example. History, culture, traditions and customs in Africa seem to demonstrate that African women do not enjoy any right to own property. However, modernization and legislation have intervened since the 19111 century to change the situation in favor of women. The problem is whether those changes intended to protect women as introduced by International and municipal laws aimed at protecting and promoting women's rights to property ownership are being adhered to. The researcher took some days to physically investigate the practical situation in Bomba town of Luwere district in Uganda. The Nubian community of Bomba has been chosen because of its conservative Islamic cultures and traditions. In conclusion, the researcher is of the opinion that despite modernization and legislation as stated earlier, the position of women with regards to property ownership has not changed much over the years and that there is great need for more enlightenment and empowerment of women.
A research paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of the bachelor Degree of law at Kampala international University
Property rights, Culture, Property inheritance, Property inheritance, Women, Nubian community' Luwero district