The role of soil conservation in promoting agriculture production in Maswa Disrict, Shinyanga - Tanzania

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
This research study conducted in Maswa district. The overall objective of this study was to finding out the impacts of soil conservation practices in promoting agriculture production in Maswa district. The problem investigated by the researcher in this study was poor management practices of soil conservation in Maswa district and to suggest a better way of increasing sustainable soil use and crop production. The researcher used face to face interviews using questionnaires and interview informant guides, observations and computer Microsoft world excel to correct data and transform it into information respectively. The raw data was arranged and coded to eliminate errors before analysis and discussion was done. The study revealed that Females are not involved in decision making concerning conservation practices, only 27% of female respondents involved in the study. Farmers in Maswa district keep large number of livestock over the carrying capacity causes soil erosion affect agriculture production by causing land degradation Whereas management practices and technologies in soil conservation done by community members in Màswa district is done by few farmers in the district. Very few number of household affords having enough food throughout the year and manage to take thrice meals per day for about 23%. About 25% of farmers have irregular meals The researcher concluded and recommends that proper dissemination of the knowledge in conservation particularly in improving slopes in mountains will have a significant impact in agriculture production and sustainability. Also soil management practices are very important in fertility improvement and development of soil. Therefore farmers who engage in conservation techniques should be emphasized in adopting these management practices in order to increase their crop productivity. Female should be involved in contributing and decision making in any study simply because women are back bone of all activities including soil conservation aspects to reduce soil erosion and sediment transport. Redefinition of legal ownership including the rights of women and disadvantaged groups and usage rights should be taken into account. Maswa district council has to put into priorities research activities so as to release fund for research early as this will enhance to accomplish the study at a stated time.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
soil conservation, promoting agriculture, Maswa Disrict, Tanzania