The effects of poor solid waste management in urban centers

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Kampala International University, School of Allied Health Sciences
Solid Waste ma~1agement was one of the most sensitive environmental issues today, The issues of public and environmental health related to municipal wastes management. It was also observed that careless disposal of solid wastes or disposing them in a trash may pose risks to human health and environment as whole. The specific objectives of the study was to find out the nature of solid wastes generated , to find out the effects of solid wastes on the people and the environment and to establish the methods of solid waste management available in Kalerwe Zone. A study on the effects of poor solid waste management was carried out in Kalerwe zone, Kawempe division, Kampala district. Solid waste was increasingly becoming a big problem in Kampala City. This report was from a study that looked at the nature of solid wastes generated in Kalerwe zone include; Domestic wastes, commercial wastes, institutional wastes, ‘street sweeping wastes and construction debris, cites that the effects of solid wastes on people and the environment include diseases, water pollution, air pollution and soil contamination and the methods are being used to improve solid wastes in Kalerwe and possible solutions to the problem through suggested recommendations to control wastes like sanitary landfill, public participation, maintenance of human excreta and waste water inventory system. The study has mainly used the dwellers of Kalerwe zone like dwellers in four (4) zones Dobbi zone, Mayinja, Kibe and mini-triangle zone, local leaders like chairman LC1, LC 11 and LC 111. The findings suggested that in Kawempe division, poor communities could generate income from waste disposal activities, if certain measures are put in a place. Furthermore, in this division, 67% of the garbage is biodegradable, composed mainly of food related waste. Non biodegradable wastes constitute the 33%, of which the main component is polythene bags (Buveera). It was also established that a good part of the communities currently use illegal methods of disposal; this includes burning and open space dumping. Among the challenges facing waste management is the inactivity of constitution frame work to support and mobilize for effective waste disposal. As a result there is little community effort to reduce on the problem.
Research report submitted to the department of environmental management, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
poor solid, waste management, urban centers, Kalerwe zone