The impact of community based water projects on the health status: a case study of Marimanti water supply project in Tharaka district Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education,Open and distance Learning
The research study attempted to determine the impact of Marimanti Water Supply Project on the health of the residents of Marimanti Town. Establish why some people still use river water and if their income has any influence on their behavior. Determine the awareness of the people on their health status in relation to the use of safe water. During the study, qualitative research method was used to investigate the situation. It became evident from the research that majority of the Mbwembwe and Kirao estates are currently not using the tap water adequately as was intended. This is due to various factors as stated in the details of this study. It also became evident that there is need for the management to institute a method of monitoring and evaluation of the situation as a continuing activity. Regular public, possibility by a social worker or PR officer, it’s also necessary to link the people with the objectives of the project. The management should also be keen on instant repairs in the system whenever any breakdown occurs to avoid disruption of continuous supply. The findings of this study will be of importance to the policy makers, stakeholders in the water sector, donors working with the communities in Tharaka district, the management committee and the water consumers of Marimanti water supply project.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Education [n partial fulfillment for award of Degree of Bachelor of Education (Science) of Kampala International University Uganda
Community based water projects, Health status, Water supply, Kenya