Effects of Alcoholism On Academic Performance. A Case Study of Rubaare Sub-County Ntungano District.

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emic performance and to establish relationship between academic performaThe study investigated into by the effects of alcoholism on academic performance in schools. The study was guided by specific objectives that included; determining the causes of alcoholism, to identify the effects of alcoholism on acadnce and alcoholism. The research consists of five chapters. Chapter bone with introduction, chapter wo consists of the related literature, chapter three consists of methodology chapter consists of data presentation and analysis and chapter five consists of findings, conclusions and recommendations. The study was descriptive and analytical in nature where purposive sampling was used to select population. It employed 50 respondents. Data was obtained from secondary using stratified sampling, analyzed and presented using frequencies and percentages and were tabulated. The major findings of the study revealed that majority of the respondents were females who were in secondary and below , peer pressure, mental illness and child neglect. Among the effects were less goal oriented, low indices of extracurricular, too many deaths, prone to diseases and infarction in brain. Among the recommendation include , creation of good learning environmental, increased teachers salary, continued assistance to weak students, and maximum discipline.
A Research Report Submitted to College Of Education With Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of Bachelor’s Degree In Education At Kampala International University
Alcoholism, Academic Performance