Human Resource Development and Employee Performance in Airtel Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The study examined the effect of human resource development on employee performance in Airtel Uganda. The study spelt out the problem by showing that despite the emphasis Airtel puts on its human resource development, the performance of employees is still wanting as evidenced by employees’ failure to produce quality work, failure to write report, constant absenteeism, late coming and failure to address customer concerns. The study had three specific objectives which included; i) to examine the effect of training on employees performance in Airtel Uganda, ii) to ascertain the effect of job mentoring on employee performance in Airtel Uganda, rand finally iii) To establish the effect of job rotation on employee performance in Airtel Uganda. The study followed a descriptive cross sectional survey design. It had a population of 160 and a sample size of 113 respondents. Purposive sampling was used in order to collect high quality of information needed. However the findings of the study indicated the following; training significantly affects employee performance in Air-tel Uganda with (r-squared=0.411, & Sig=O.000), the findings also indicated that job mentoring has a significant effect on employee performance in Airtel Uganda, this also implied that effective job mentoring improves the level of employee performance in Air-tel Uganda (r-squared=0.338, & Sig=0.000), still the findings indicated that job rotation accounted for 41.1% effect on employee performance in Airtel in Uganda. The researcher concluded that; applying of training as a human resource development system can lead to the improvement in the employee performance since it increases on the quality of work, productivity and efficiency of employee while at work, performance can be improved once job mentoring is effectively done because it helps to increase customer care by the employees within Airtel, thus giving satisfaction to the customer by availing them desired service when needed, still it was concluded that job rotation has a positive significant effect on employee performance in Airtel Uganda. It was recommended that; on training, the management of Airtel Uganda should enhance employee training and ensure that employees are offered with both on the job training and off the job trainings in order to ensure effective performance of employee, the management of Airtel Uganda should ensure that there is continuous mentoring of its employees and this will enable employees work effectively and efficiently. The study contributed to knowledge through the following; one of the most prominent findings from this study is the fact that it has provided evidence to support the fact that human resource development can improve the employee performance in Air-tel Uganda, another important revelation that can be attributed to this study is that it is now clear that human resource development is somehow lacking, little is done through to improve employee performance in Airtel Uganda. x
A Thesis Presented to the College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda
Human Resource, Employee Performance, Airtel Uganda