An Assessment Of Factors Affecting Academic Performance In Agago District: A Case study of Paimol Sub County

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
This study was carried out to find the cause of poor performance of PLE candidates in Pairnol sub county schools. Eight primary schools were selected. Kokil pis, wilpolo soloti pis, Paimol pis, Akwang pis, Gotatongo pis, Lokabar pis, Locum pl sand Omiya pacwa pis. The study was guided by the following hypothesis; ► The socio-economics status of the parents is high. ► All pupils are given all the requirements they need in school. ► There is shortage of trained teachers in the school. ► Teachers do use effective methods of teachings in the selected schools. ► Both teachers and children are motivated to learn and perfonn their duties respectively. All the related literatures were reviewed .qualitative research design was applied. a cross sectional survey design was used. This geared at finding out the causes of poor academic performance of PLE candidates in the selected schools. The subjects of the study were; the head teachers, teachers, parents, and pupils. The researcher used questionnaires, interview and observation as instrument of the study. Data was collected and interpreted with the use of tables and percentage. Findings from the literatures and respondents revealed problems affecting learning in schools as follows: The socio-economic statuses of the parents Parental attitudes towards education Teacher's qualification Methods of teaching Motivation of both pupils a:,d teacher School quality According to the findings, when the above causes are negative, the academic performance of the pupils will always be poor. Given the above causes, some recommendations were given: a) Parents should ensure that children are provided with all the.necessities needed for the. children's education. b) The head teachers should ensure that there are sufficient scholastic materials, daily routine is followed, should liaise with the area education office to get enough teachers to handle school activities. c) The teachers should remind the head teachers from time to time of what is lacking, should combine several methods in one lesson to ensure concrete understanding on the part of the children. d) The government should increase U.P. E funds uplift the teachers, ceiling train all licensed teachers.
A Research Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of a Degree of Bachelor of Education of Kampala International University
Academic Performance In Agago District, Paimol Sub County