Assessment of reading and writing proficiency in Lusoga language in lower primary schools In Kamuli District- Uganda

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The study was based on the key issue of The Assessment of Reading and Writing Proficiency in Lusoga in the lower primary schools of Kamuli district . The study used both the qualitative and quantitative research methods. It employed a case study embodying an experimental design .100 pupils and 12 teachers were sampled and the findings were both qualitatively and quantatively analyzed. It was guided by three (3) objectives; the first objective of the research was to investigate the thematic Curriculum innovations in reading and writing in Lusoga in lower primary schools in kamuli district. The findings revealed that teachers did not fully use the thematic Curriculum innovations such as playing, formation of words through segmentation, using charts, writing letters by tracing ,introducing a lesson with a song among others as recommended and prescribed in the thematic Curriculum. The second objective was to determine the reading and writing proficiency of Lusoga. Findings reveal that pupils in the controlled group performed far much better than their counterparts in the uncontrolled group. For example, in the assessment given, they read and write Lusoga fairly well. The third objective was to suggest ways of enhancing proficiency levels in Lusoga in the lower primary schools. The teachers suggested encouragement of the use of Lusoga in all written forms like letters, articles etc and, the formation of Lusoga news paper among others.The study concluded that pupils should be capable of performing better in both reading and writing Lusoga even the other remaining skills of speaking and listening when teaching is basically guided by the stipulated culture and standard alongside other reinforcements from the various stakeholders. The recommendation were that teachers of Lusoga should be given adequate and well grounded training in the teaching and learning of the language. This should be done by the Ministry of Education Sports and Technology through the NCDC and also support from the Busoga community.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Master Of Arts In Linguistics At Kampala International University
Reading and writing proficiency, Lusoga language, Lower primary schools, Kamuli District- Uganda