Integra ted web-driven loan security application for micro-finance institutions in Ankole sub-region.

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Kampala international international: School of computing and Information technology
This study focused at designing and implementing an Integrated Web Driven Loan Security Application (IWDLSA), which will assist micro finance institutions to identify any object that is already in the loan security database. The IWDLSA developed during the study, compares the intended security and all securities already in the database. Through establishment of the requirements for a Loan security management application that identifies any security object that is already pledged in another member institution, by designing an integrated web- driven loan security application that compares the identification of the intended collateral security object with the IDs of those already in the loan security database and testing and validating the Applications performance. This project report on a IWDLSA for micro finance Institutions. In addition, literature focusing on IWDLSA is reviewed and mechanism for avoiding having one security item for more than one loan in different Institutions was acquired. The database containing data on loan securities and loans in general was created. The mechanism was created basing on the three-tier architecture. The user interface was developed to enable user interaction with the system and finally the IWDLSA components were integrated to form a running system that was tested and validated. The overall finding of this study is that the IWDLSA can be used to aid loans' officers to identify any security item that is already pledged in another institution for another loan. The study also showed that a combination of techniques namely three-tier architecture and entity relationship diagrams were appropriate for designing. The IWDLSA study further shows that the development platform used was Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. The instruments of development included Visual studio 6.0 and MySQL in the back end and MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver for the connection between Front end and Database. Microsoft Office Visual 2007 was used to draw diagrams that have role to play in designing the IWDLSA. Finally the study showed that the IWDLSA provides accurate software for loan security management.
Project report submitted to the college of applied science and technology in partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor of computer science Of Kampala international University
Computer science, Integra ted web-driven, Security application, Loan, Micro-finance institutions, Ankole sub-region.