Effectiveness of Environmental Institutions and Laws in the Protection of the Environment in Uganda: A case study of the 2009 Ban on the Polythene Bags (Kaveera).

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
The study assessed the effectiveness of environmental laws and institutions in the management of environment in Uganda with particular emphasis on the 2009 ban on Polythene bags (Kaveera). It was conducted in Kawempe division, Kampala district. The study was guided by five objectives namely; to examine the legal framework in place relating to solid waste disposal and the protection of environment in Uganda; to examine the institutional framework in place relating to solid waste disposal and the protection of the environment; to analyze the extent to which the right to a clean and health environment is observed in Uganda; to determine the extent to which environmental laws and institutions have been effective in the protection of the environment and to suggest possible solutions for the problems facing the environment in Uganda. The study employed questionnaires and an interview guide to obtain sufficient information from the respondents. Also, secondary sources of data such as text books and NEMA reports were used to beef up the findings. The study established that there are many laws in place aimed at environmental conservation. The constitution was largely cited as containing provisions for environmental protection. It was further found out that many institutions have been set up by the government to protect the environment and notably among them are National Environmental management Authority, Ministries such as that of water and environment. These institutions and laws have gone a long way in protecting the environment although some challenges still impede their effort. Lastly, the study established the right to a clean and healthy environment in Uganda has not been well observed and as a result, many Ugandans are still denied this right. The study concluded that although many laws and institutions have been put in place to manage the environment, the weaknesses embedded in them cannot allow for effective management of the environment. The study recommended that there is need for the government to increase environmental budget both at the local government level and central government level. It's only through increased funding that NEMA as an institution can be empowered to carry out its duties.
A dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Law as a partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University
Environmental Law, Effectiveness, Environmental Institution, 2009 Ban on the Polythene Bags (Kaveera)., Protection of the Environment, Uganda