A student grading management system :a case study of Mbarara army senior secondary school

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
The research was carried out at Mbarara Army Senior Secondary school, Mbarara district- Uganda. The study was mainly carried out in the department of academics. The academics department use manual filing system for the storage of students’ results. The design of this study consisted of six respondents who were selected at random at Mbarara Army Senior Secondary school, that gave the researcher relevant information about the system at school. The various methods of research finding methods were used to collect the data from the field:-questionnaire, interview and observation. Both secondary and primary data were collected using the methods identified above. The researcher faced problems like:-the delay of the respondents to return questionnaires in time because of the failure of the respondents about the new system and some respondents hid vital information because of the fear of losing their job. Problems faced by the current system in recording students results; students’ results can be lost at any time. The students’ results management system will help MASSS to capture, process, and store and disseminate students’ results easily. SOMS was designed in Microsoft visual basic (6.0) and its related technologies of database as the designing tools. It makes it easy to access information as faster as possible and this involves real time reports.It also shows how the whole system can be made secure to avoid an authorized access to its various resources. Role authentication is put into use so as to accomplish the goal of the whole project that is to provide students results management system that facilitates effectiveness, user friendly and efficiency in the students result management system (SRMS) it Mbarara Army Senior Secondary school.
A project report Submitted to the college of applied science and technology for the requirement of the award of a diploma of computer science of Kampala International University
Student grading, Mbarara army senior secondary school