An examination of women's right to property and the legal frame work in Uganda:

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a case study of West Nile Region: Adjumani District.
The research was focused on women and their right to property; an examination of the law and policy in Uganda. The study was carried out with the hope that it enlightens and advance the understanding of women's property rights in Uganda as provided for in the laws. The study is as a result of observation of the apparent injustice against women in particular the denial of women to own property emerging as a result of exploitation of the loopholes in the statutory laws in place that provide for the rights of ownership of property by women in Uganda as well as customary law that is so prevalent among Ugandans today.
A research dissertation submitted to the school of law in fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a Bachelor’s degree in law of Kampala International University
Women's right, Property, Legal frame work, Uganda