An examination of immigration laws in relation to human trafficking from human right perspective. Case study of Tanzania.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This study examined the immigration laws towards combating human trafficking in Tanzania. The objectives of the study were; to identify the main causes of human trafficking in Tanzania, to examine the anti-trafficking laws, both national and international in Tanzania, to identify and quantify the institutional bottlenecks that the society faces in trying to curb the vice of human trafficking in Tanzania and finally to provide policy recommendations based on the results of the study. To collect data, the secondary method was used. It examined the various statutory instruments that aim at combating the vice including the recently enacted 2008 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and sought to determine whether the policies are being implemented. Data was obtained through library research, internet research, and human trafficking works from other jurisdictions in the world and media rep01is. The study found that while there exists clear and effective laws, the biggest challenge the government and the society at large faces is the implementation of these laws because human trafficking is not a problem that can be solved by laws alone but there is great need to address the social-cultural habit and root causes of the problem in order to find sustaining solutions. It thus recommended that in combating the problem, the society at large should be involved in order to do away with human trafficking in the country through prosecuting the perpetrators of human trafficking, protecting the victims of trafficking and finally looking for methods to prevent further trafficking. Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of today’s world and in its small way, this study has sought to address the problem in the hope that it will: raise awareness.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of a bachelor of laws degree of Kampala international university.
Human rights, Immigration laws, Human trafficking, Perspective, Tanzania