Compliance to Medication among Hypertensive Patients at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital, Southwestern Uganda

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Kampala international international : School of Health Sciences
Hypertension has become an essential public-health challenge globally and is estimated to cause 7.1 million deaths annually, accounting for 13% of all deaths globally. It’s noted that non-adherence is the major cause of uncontrolled hypertension and its sequel. Purpose of the study: To assess the level of compliance to medication among hypertensive patients at Kampala International University Teaching Hospital (KIUTH), southwestern Uganda. Methods: A cross sectional study design was used employing a purposeful sampling technique, 37 hypertensive patients at KIUTH were enrolled and data was obtained using well-structured questionnaires. The Data obtained was analyzed using statistical package for social scientists (SPSS). Results: There were 21 (56.8%) Females and 16 (43.2%) males. The age range was between 30 and 80 years with mean age of 54.5 years.56.8% diagnosed more than 2 years ago. Compliance medication was 62.2%. Reans for non-compliance included, with running out of drugs 38%, forgetfulness 31% and lack of funds to buy drugs 31% as the main reasons for missing medication. Other reasons for noncompliance included drug side effects (10.8%) and feeling better (5.4%). Compliance to exercise – 73% while 14% for diet. Solutions to the drug non- compliance included; improved health education (86.5%), making drugs affordable (64.9%), and making drugs available and accessible (54%). Conclusion: compliance to hypertensive medication, exercise and diet which are non- pharmacological management of hypertension was 62.2%, 73% and 14% respectively. The solutions to non-compliance include; improved health education, making drugs affordable, available and accessible. Recommendation There should be an empowerment in health education to hypertensive patients and to ensuring that there’s availability and accessibility of the drugs to the patients.
A Research Dissertation Submitted To Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board in Partial Fulfilment of the Award of a Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Hypertensive Patients, Medication