Media and democracy: a case study of Kampala (Uganda)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Media, whether state-owned and controlled or privately-owned have the capability of affecting the populace in a country's quest to achieve democracy. Democracy has been, still is and will always be the most important wish that every society wishes to attain some time. Therefore this, is seen the most important time the media is needed. It can be argued without doubt that media outlets have the potential of being one of the most powerful tools in increasing awareness of democratic demands and ideals of a society. Therefore, they have the obvious potential to shape and influence public attitudes in overcoming the fear of the unknown through information, which is a powerful concept of development of the community. The objective transformation of a society in terms of democratic development of a society can only occur if it affects the mentalities of both the individual and a society, and the media can play a role in this transformation, by building a foundation for democracy by emphasizing the possibility of achieving it. Yet, the biggest question is whether the media can convincibly be considered to help achieve democracy since a lot has been said, heard, read and written about the presence and absence of democracy in many societies. Such studies offer framework on how to examine the role of that media plays in attainment of democracy, and can be applied to analyzing the potential of the media in heightening and fast-tracking the achievement of a truly democratic state. This research study is an attempt therefore, to investigate the challenges faced by the media in attempt to attain a democratic Ugandan society. The research further investigated other factors like relationship between independent media and the government authorities
A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences As Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Bachelor’s Degree In Mass Communication Of Kampala International University
Media, Kampala, Uganda, Democracy