Capital management and entrepreneurship in rural areas of Rulindo District, Rwanda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study investigated “Capital Management and Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas of Rulindo District, Rwanda”. The target population was 243 of entrepreneurs of Base, Bushoki, Rusiga, Cyungo, Rukozo and Shyorongi sectors of Rulindo District. From the targeted population, the sample size was 151 from the above target population. The research objectives were in line with (1)the determinants of demographic characteristics of the respondents in term of the demographic characteristics of the respondents such as: Age, Gender, Education level, Education specialization, Number of years working as an entrepreneur, Type of Business and Form of business ownership; (2) The levels of capital management in selected rural enterprises of Rulindo District; (3) The level of entrepreneurship in selected rural enterprises of Rulindo District and (4) The significant correlation between the level of capital management and the level of entrepreneurship, respectively. The study utilized descriptive research design, means and Pearson correlation coefficient, The findings of the study indicated that the majority of entrepreneurs were male who rated at 66.8% and fell between 40-59 years of age. With respect to education level, the majority of the respondents (44.7%) were certificate holders. As per education specialization the majority rate is at education (34%). In terms of Number of Years doing a business, the majority of respondents fell between 6-9 years at 54% rate, Regarding type of business, the majority were rated at goods (60%). And lastly concerning type or form of Business ownership, 50% of respondents carry out Sole proprietorship form of business who were the majority of respondents. The level of capital management is generally high as this was indicated by the overall mean of 2.72. The level of entrepreneurship was also found to be generally high with the overall mean of 2.59. The findings also indicated positive significant correlations between capital management and entrepreneurship (the sig. value 0.000>0.005). It was recommended that more research on entrepreneurs should be conducted; Entrepreneurs should be taught and added more entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, The Government of Rwanda should provide capital to proprietorship Entrepreneurs in rural areas of Rulindo District. Therefore, encouraging rural entrepreneurs to boost their businesses, the Government of Rwanda should also consider reduction on the rates of interest charged on loans,
A thesis presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Banking and Finance
Capital management, Entrepreneurship, Rulindo District, Rwanda