The relationship between performances in mathematics and physics at KCSE:case study Gucha district-Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of education
The performance in Mathematics and sciences has been low over the years. The sciences borrow heavily from Mathematics concepts and principles. The research was on the relationship between performances in Mathematics and Physics. The research was carried out from secondary sources based on textbooks, magazines, KCSE results of selected schools over three years. The findings were based on the summary of the facts gathered from literature review. The findings were presented objective by objective, drawing contrast, similarities and identifying on new inferences from the study. The researcher’s opinion is given at the end. Recommendations stated were centered on the loop holes identified during the study. It includes adding value to the teaching-learning experiences in Physics, enhanced team teaching amongst Physics and Mathematics teachers. Secondary schools should invest in the building of library facilities for the students to access reference textbooks of sciences and mathematics. This will encourage individualized study among students and that will definitely improve performance.
A research report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the bachelor of education (science) degree of Kampala international university
Performances, Mathematics and physics, Gucha district, Kenya