The effects of service delivery on performance of banking institutions: a case study of Equity Bank, Kabalagala Branch, Kampala Uganda

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
The study focused on the effect of service delivery on performance of banking institutions. The study was guided by the following objectives; To determine the relationship between service delivery and performance of equity bank. To establish the effect of service delivery on performance of equity bank. To identify the different services delivered by equity bank to its customers. The methodology used was questionnaire and a bit of interviewing. The respondents selected from among the population of Equity bank, Kabalagala answered questions in relation to the study objectives as presented to them by the researcher. The research derived findings from the questionnaires .The key findings of this study was that service delivery has a great influence and effect on the outcome of the overall performance of the banking sector. The performance of the banking sector is measured by how efficient the service delivery process is. The drivers of efficient service delivery were established to be service promotion, quality service and customer satisfaction leading to a positive performance.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration of Kampala International University
Service delivery, Performance of banking institutions, Equity Bank, Kabalagala Branch, Uganda