Training and performance in an organization Gop and Sons for trading and investment ltd in Juba-South Sudan

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was set to find out the influence of training and performance in organizations taking gop and sons as a case study. The study was guided by three objectives including; to establish the effect of off-job training, to assess the effects of on-job training and performance and to establish the effects of under assignments training and performance. Data was collected using questionnaire tool and interview guide and during data collection a basic research design that was in a descriptive manner was used as both qualitative and quantitative methodologies were also used with a sample of 60 respondents. The findings show that lack of training influence the performance of organisation in different ways as shown. The findings show that limited training influence employee commitment by 96%,increase job stress by 96%,reduce employee employer relationship by 96%,reduce skills byl 00%.reduce competitive advantage by 93%,and reduce productivity by 81 %. Therefore training has a great influence in GOP and sons. The study findings from the field fund that low payments cause poor performance by 95%, 70% is couched by poor management, 73 % is caused by age, 57% by family conflicts, while low chances of promotion takes 100%.As seen from the respondents on the problems that the company face in controlling the poor performance , 97% strongly agreed on the wastage of funds, 80% on wastage of time 92% say that the organization retains less productive employee while 84% say that the work need a lot of skill.The findings of the sturdy shows that the respondents who agree that 5 of the employees live the organization every year and 37% agreed, 26% strongly agree, 17% were not sure, 112% disagreed while 8% strongly disagreed. Therefore the study concluded that 5 poor performance in the organization since the majority of the respondents agreed with the objective
A Research report submitted to the college of applied economics and management sciences in partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelors Degree of Human-resource management of Kampala International
Training and performance, Gop and Sons trading and investment ltd., outh Sudan