The effects of substance abuse on economic development of Dokolo District: a case of selected households from Kwera Sub County Dokolo District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Science
The study investigated the effect of substance abuse in Kwera Sub-county, Dokolo district especially for the last 2 years. The research was carried out to assess the impact of substance abuse on the assess the impact of substance abuse on the economic development of Dokolo Disttict. The researcher was mainly concerned with the study of youth from the age of 15-35 and adult of 45 and above. The youth interviewed here included un-married and married, the adult interviewed includes married, divorced, and separated widow and widower as well as co-habiting and single who’s originated from selected ones. The study samples were randomly drawn from the two parishes and four villages. The samples contained 37 males and 33 females among them were the youth and adult i.e. 15 above years. The methods applied in the investigation were stratified, cluster and snowball. The researcher also used interview schedules since the majority of the respondents did not know how to read and write. The interview guide was prepared informed of open-ended questions which was subjected to the problem associated with substance abuse. The interview guide was checked by the supervision and other colleagues to check on the relevance. Pre was done on 18 respondents in the neighboring parish of Okwongodul in Okwongodul Sub County. The researcher obtained introductory letter from the university to enable him carryout the research. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the district where the research was conducted issued the pen11ission letter; copies of the letter were given to the local council III of Kwera sub county and local cow1cil of the selected area where study was conducted. The researcher and his assistance assured the respondents confidently. The results of the survey revealed prevalence of divorce and separations; low incoi11e per household and other associated problems caused by alcoholism.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Science as a partial fulfillment for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree in Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
Substance abuse, Economic development