Inventory management and organizational performance a case study of hardware world limited Ntinda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
September, 2018 The study was about the inventory management and organizational performance case study of hardware World Ltd. The study was based on three specific objectives: To find out the techniques of inventory management used at Hardware World Ltd, the second objective was to find out the challenges faced by Hardware World Ltd in inventory management, the third objective was to find out the effect of inventory management performance of Hardware World Ltd. It was based on a descriptive survey design basing on the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The methodology applied was use of both primary and secondary data using different research tools namely: open discussions, questionnaires, and observation etc. the study followed random sampling where a sample of 40 people was selected from the population basing on a number of reasons which enabled the researcher to find out the role of each person in inventory management. According to the research carried out the researcher found out that in order to have appropriate inventory management in an organization, there is need to look at the impact at the of inventory control systems on the work force and top management so as to ensure effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation of the systems. However, also the consumers of the services should also be considered since they can also cause a change in the consumption in the due to poor inventory management systems. Therefore, this calls upon all the stakeholders to prequalified measures in ensuring good inventory control systems in the organization. The study recommended that Hardware World house of plastics should adopt strong policy measures on the variables of inventory management. segregation and rotation of duties, independent checks on organizational performance and internal controls, and also at creating a committed workforce. Financial accountability and risk management for better organizational performance. another recommendation was further research should be carried on the effect of inventory control system on human resource since this system is highly managed by human resource and the perceptions of the service consumers towards the nature of inventory control system as used by the organization.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfilment for the award of the degree of bachelor of supplies and procurement of Kampala international university
Inventory management, Organizational performance, Hardware world limited - Ntinda