E-Procurement and Performance of Service Organizations in Uganda

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International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
Aiming at establishing the relationship between E-procurement on the performance of selected service organizations in Uganda; researchers used survey design on 202 employees and found that there is a significant relationship between E-procurement and performance of the organizations. This proposition comes as a result of penetration of IT in all aspects of life to the effect that today everything tends to rotate around use of technology. Also to note is that competition compels one to devise means to beat others and technology is the way to go. The researchers thus recommend: i) Government to support service organizations in regards to regulating cyber related vices; ii) Other organizations, other than service organization, should invest wisely in IT to reap its potential profitability; and iii) The whole procurement process should involve as many people as possible as a potential means to human resource planning in an effort to overcome future embarrassments of retrench and labor turn over
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e-procurement, Proposed E-Procurement and Supply Management System (PEPSMS), E-Procurement and Performance of Service Organizations in Uganda