Knowledge and attitudes towards caesarian section among mothers attending maternal and child health services at Rwekubo HC IV Isingiro District

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences (Western Campus
This research was to assess the knowledge and attitudes of mothers towards caesarian section among mothers attending MCH clinics at Rwekubo HCIV Isingiro District. The study was conducted from 60 respondents using a descriptive cross sectional study design in which the quantitative data was collected for assessing the knowledge and attitudes of mothers towards CS. From the study, a majority 55 (91.7%) of the mothers had knowledge about caesarian section and 40 (66.7%) had ever undergone the operation but still lacked more information to why mothers were operated and crucial reasons that would lead one to the operation. On the attitude, the study showed 30 (50%) of mothers were still not convinced that caesarian section was the only safer birth delivery mode but instead they feared the c/s scars and felt so bad and 25% felt scared whenever a caesarean section was indicated medically in presence of an indication. The Social, cultural and economic states of the women which may influence their knowledge and attitude towards caesarean section were not explored but conclusively attitude was among a leading problem among mothers towards caesarian section. Therefore, further studies would have to be done in our settings to assess the adequacy of pre-operative counseling and the effectiveness of other forms of education such as the use of videos and leaflets and posters to the mothers attending MCHclinics.
A research report submitted to Uganda nurses and midwives examination board in partial fulfilment of requirements for the a ward of the diploma in nursing sciences
Caesarian section among mothers attending maternal, Child health