Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices of pharmaco vigilance among health care practitioners at Kampala International University teaching hospital

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences
Pharmacovigilance encompasses all the scientific methods and reports that deal with detecting, assessing, monitoring, understanding and prevention of adverse drugs reactions. Reporting ADRs is one way of ensuring drugs safety of the drugs already on the market. Through these reports, new safety parameters and improvements of various medicines can be done and implemented. Monitoring medicines provides a better understanding of possible drugs effects. Also helps get information about medicines that may not have been detected during clinical trials. Adverse drugs reaction results in morbidity, mortality and increases hospital admission which affects the economy and health care systems. Health care professionals should consider ADR reporting as their professional duties to protect patients from adverse effects of medications. Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of pharmacovigilance among health care practitioners at Kampala international university teaching hospital (KlUTH). Method: The study design was a prospective cross sectional study which involved the use of questionnaire to collect data. Collected data was gather and entered into excel spread, transfer into SPSS for analysis.
A Research Dissertation Submitted to the School of Pharmacy in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy of Kampala International University
Knowledge, attitudes and practices, Pharmaco vigilance, Health care practitioners, Kampala International University teaching hospital