The Impact of Communication on Employee Performance: A Case Study of International Hospital Kampala

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Human resource management
The study on the impact of communication on employee performance in International Hospital Kampala. The researcher deployed uses and gratification theory, symbolic interaction theory, and communication accommodation theory, which gave a guide to the study. The study had a problem statement of increase in accidents, low moral of the employee, high labor turnover and poor customer care. The study was directed by the objectives of the study which included: to establish the forms of communication, effects and methods of communication at International Hospital Kampala. The total population of the study was of 300 employees of which a sample size taken to be of 150 respondents from all departments of the entire Hospital and the sampling technique was cluster sampling. The data collection instruments were observation, questionnaire, and interviews. The data was tabulated, and analyzed by the researcher and there after it was presented in table form. When it came to findings, the researcher found out that there are three forms of communication found in International Hospital Kampala. They were upward, downward and lateral communication. It was also found out that communication affects performance by making employees make guided decisions, performance management, controls behavior and perception, bonds people together, helps in achieving the organizations mission and vision, and it leads to good interpersonal relations. The methods included, meetings, internet system, bulletin boards, complaint procedures, suggestion programs, and employee manual books were the ones used in International Hospital Kampala. The researcher made a recommendation that the forms of communication, upward, downward, and lateral have got to be used because they are the ones responsible for the existence of the organization. Also the methods used have got to be emphasized since they help the organization to reach a large number of employees.
A Research Project Submitted To The School Of Business And Management In The Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelor's Degree Of Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University.
Communication on Employee Performance