The implications of the world trade organization (WTO) agreement on agriculture on trade and agricultural liberalization on food security in Uganda

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Kampala International University
This study constitutes an analysis of the implication of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Agreement on Agriculture and trade liberalization on food security and realization of the right to adequate food in Uganda. The research was intended amongest other things to establish whether the implementation of the agreement on agriculture (AOA) has facilitated the the achievement for greater food security and promotion of the right to adequate food in Uganda. The promised market access under the (AOA) has been undermined by high levels of trade, distorting support and unfair competition caused by export subsidies. Agricultural trade liberalization has in effect increased importation of the cheap agricultural products which has negatively affected the prices of the local produce forcing the rural communities off the the farms. The purpose of this study is to examine the implications of the WTO(AOA) provisions of the agricultural trade liberalization on the realization of the right to food and ensuring the realization of the right to food in Uganda. This study employed qualitative research methods from various secondary data collection methods were used such as library research,study on books and journals.Analysis was done considering in different laws were backed by qualitative analysis through legal perspective.The research findings indicated that if agricultural liberalization is not preceded by agricultural transformation can be an obstacle to food security and undermine the realization of the right to food in was recommended that government should put in place measures to protect farmers from an influx of cheap and subsidized imports which undermines domestic production,The AOA should be reviewed and food security box that contains measures that create exemption for poor countries created in order to promote the realization of the right to adequate food in Uganda.
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Laws of Kampala International University
Uganda, World Trade Organisation, WTO, Food Security, Liberalisation, Agriculture, Agricultural International Legal Framework, World Trade Organisation Agricultural Agreements