Factors contributing to perineal tears among mothers during labour/ delivery in Kibuku Health Centre IV, Kibuku District

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
This study aimed at exploring the factors that contribute to the perineal tears among mothers seeking maternal care services at Kibuku Health centre IV in Kibuku district and specifically on social economic factors, their effects on mothers and possible preventive measures needed to minimize perineal trauma occurrence. A cross section study involving both qualitative and quantitative descriptive study was carried out at Kibuku health centre IV, Kibuku district on women seeking services about perineal traumas where 30 respondents were selected using a questionnaire by simple random sampling method from a pool of mothers and this was used as a baseline data for analysis, discussion, conclusions and recommendations. The study found out that young mothers mainly those located in rural areas of 37% poor social economic status were at more risk of getting perineal tears than other groups in the same situation. The most presenting effect were; sepsis, fistulas and widen virginal opening that could lead to marital separation (70%). Anticipated preventive measures were encouraging mothers to deliver from well-established centre, stocking health facilities with adequate obstetric equipment as well as increasing on the number of skilled health workers to detect the high risk mothers before their condition runs out of control. Poor Social economic status contributing to perineal tears among mothers in the communities can be prevented with standard measures put in place such as creating income generating activities as well as creating referral centre, availing centre with essential obstetric equipment and staffing them with skilled personnel in addition to conduction of massive health talks to the population about the causes, effects and preventive measures
A research report submitted to Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of a Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Perineal tears, Labour/ delivery, Kibuku Health Centre IV, Kibuku District