Empirical analysis on the use of forensic accounting techniques in curbing creative accounting

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International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management , United Kingdom
his study evaluated the use of forensic accounting techniques in curbing creative accounting. The objective of this study was to empirically examine forensic accounting techniques in curbing creative accounting. Primary source of data collection was employed and the statistical tools used in analyzing the data include: Kruskal-Wallis test Mean rank and percentage distribution. From the findings of the study it was revealed that strong evidence exists on the effectiveness of techniques used by forensic accountants in helping to curb the problem of creative accounting. The result further revealed the existence of strong evidence that forensic accountants have enhanced their efficiency overtime. Also, it was found that there exists strong evidence that the emergence of forensic accountants has restored confidence in the credibility of corporate firms and their report. Hence, by applying accounting principles, auditing skills and investigative procedures in solving certain legal problems, forensic accountants help lawyers, courts, regulatory bodies and other institutions in investigating financial frauds. It was established from the findings of this study that there is need that forensic accountants must possess solid knowledge and skills in the area of accounting and auditing
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Accounting principles, Auditing, Corporate firms, Credibility, Forensic accountants