Stress among health workers Of Kyenjojo Hospital in Kyenjojo Town Council Kyenjojo District

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was conducted under the topic, stress among health workers of Kyenjojo hospital, Kyenjojo Town council, Kyenjojo District. It was guided by the following objectives; to find out the causes of stress among health workers of Kyenjojo hospital, to find out how stress has affected the performance of health workers of Kyenjojo hospital, to find out the health workers attitudes towards the stress they experience. The methods of collecting data included questionnaires to obtain data from respondents about the causes of stress and the effects and observation was used to consolidate the findings. Findings indicated that health workers of Kyenjojo hospital are stressed and the identified causes included work overload, poor communication, roles ambiguity, and less promotional opportunities. The effects of stress included absenteeism, substance abuse and sleep disturbances, and the attitudes towards stress included lack of morale, low motivations and rudeness. The study concludes that health workers deal with life threatening injuries and illnesses complicated by over work, under staffing, and patients’ deaths which contribute to stress, and the adverse effects of stress like mental disorders, substance abuse also affect the health workers’ attitudes and behaviors as well.
A research report submitted to the College Of Economics And Management sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
Stress, Health workers, Kyenjojo Hospital, Kyenjojo Town, Kyenjojo District