Occupational safety and health; a focus on the support staff of Kampala International University, Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Kampala International University (KIU) was founded in October 2001 as a private University which offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs on a full time as well as part time basis. KIU has its main Campus at Kansanga location in the south eastern part of Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest City. The institution lies on the coordinates of 001742N, 323615E (latitude 02950, longitude 326040). It has attracted a diverse culture and multitude of students from International and local arena.(www.kiu.ac.ug) Since its start in October 2001, KIU has been growing exponentially both in terms of student population, human resource and housing as well as accommodation facilities. This therefore means that, the small and available area of land on which the institution sits has to be maximally put in to proper use. Generally, this rapid growth has brought about increased threats to Occupational Safety and Health of the workers, and as such, there have been a number of injuries and accidents in the recent past. In this study, we focused on the Safety and Health of the support staffs at KIU. We used interviews, observation and questionnaires to extract information from the 32 randomly sampled respondents to help us understand how the duties assigned to the support staffs influenced their Safety and Health at work. We arrived at findings and analyzed the data using Microsoft Excel which helped to present data, conclude and forward a few recommendations in this study to also give a general view of Occupational Safety and Health field worldwide. This work has been collected, compiled and presented in the simplest language possible, a lot of jargon has been minimized, therefore I welcome you to a piece of reading new knowledge.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences department of Environment Management for partial fulfilment of Bachelor’s in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Occupational Safety and Health, Focus on the Support Staff