Examination of The Legal Regime for Environmental Regulation in the Oil Industry in Unity State, South Sudan

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Kampala International University, School of law
‘Examination of legal regime for environmental regulation in oil industry in Unity State, South Sudan” examines national legislations and policy framework, regional and international conventions regulating oil industry in the Republic of South Sudan. Specifically, the study explores, evaluates, identifies and compares different legislations regulating and protecting the environment against hazards associated with oil industry in the world youngest nation. Essentially, this study aims at establishing the causes of environmental degradation in Unity State, South Sudan so that all stakeholders in oil industry adopt appropriate measures to protecting the environment not only in Unity State but in other states in the country where oil extractions and explorations are being carried on. This idea of carrying out a research in oil industry came about, when the Author, while working as SPLA national monitor in that region in 2007, witnessed horrific environmental degradation in Koch, Rubkona and Pariang Counties of Unity State. Having accomplished the study, the researcher has recommended in chapter five of this work, legal and policy framework as well as administrative measures to be taken in order to avert impending environmental disaster looming in Unity State, South Sudan
A Research Dissertation Submitted to The Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement for The Award of Bachelor of Laws at Kampala International University Uganda
Legal Regime, Environmental Regulation, Oil Industry, South Sudan