Child labour and academic performance of learners in Luwero District, Uganda: a case study: Bombo Town Council.

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Kampala International University,College of Education
The study focused on child labour and academic performance of learners in Bombo town council, Luwero District .This study was based on three objectives, i.e. to find the causes of child labor in Bombo town council, to identify effects of child labour on academic performance and solutions The study employed a cross sectional survey with 196 respondents selected by simple random sampling. The schools and respondents were randomly selected. Qualitative and quantitative data collections methods were used. Data were coded, cleared and entered EPI-DATA and reported to SPSS for analysis. About 52.3% of the respondents were female and 47.4% being male. Most respondents were below the age of 19 and majority were in 0 level In conclusion, the major cause of child labour is poverty since most parents lie below the poverty line. This study recommends government and different stake holders to try all possible means of fighting child labour in our community. The government should therefore enforce laws on human right to combat this evil.
A research report submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Bachelor of Arts with Education Kampala International University
Academic perfomance, Luwero District, Child labour, Uganda