The role of wetland inspection decision in promotion of wetland conservation: a case study of Mutungo Parish Kampala District

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Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science
The study was carried out at Mutungo parish, part of Kirombi-Kachanga wetland Kampala District as a chosen case study to identify the activities carried out In Mutungo wetland, find out what the Wetland Inspection Division does to conserve wetlands and to establish the challenges faced by the Wetland Inspection Division in executing its activities. In carrying out the study the researcher, adopted a research design which was descriptive simple random sampling and purposive sampling were used, and a total of 60 respondents were sampled consisting of 18 females and 42 males which had a good representation was selected, questionnaire was used to get information. It was established that Wetland Inspection Division has played a great role in ensuring that human impacts on the wetlands are reduced. This has been achieved by enactment of rules and regulations on wetlands management, conducting ETA before any project can commence in and around the wetland ecosystems, gazetting the wetlands and promotion of public awareness together with the involvement of the public in the gazetting and management of wetlands. The results indicated that there is a strong positive relationship between the role of WID towards wetland conservation and the activities carried out on wetlands. This was revealed by the spearman’s rank correlation (r) of 0.88. Changes in the role of WID towards wetland conservation affect the activities carried out on wetlands by 88%. This implies that wetland conservation is greatly promoted by the roles played by WID. The report will therefore assist management of WID in improving on the quality of its role in wetland conservation and management through use of the recommendations and take them as guidelines to improve on the quality of its roles from the researcher’s observations and respondents’ answers the following recommendations were regarded as the best ways to improve on the quality of wetland conservation. These are; The need to conduct more research on the species that exist in the wetlands and the extent of human impact on these ecosystems, which activity degrades the ecosystems the more and the appropriate remedies to manage wetlands. The laws and regulations should be strengthened and implemented to ensure that the wetlands are less degraded in order to conserve the resources that exist in such ecosystems. In order for projects to succeed especially, the ecosystem management projects, the community should be involved in all the processes of wetland conservation
Research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environment Management of Kampala International University.
Wetland Inspection Decision, Promotion of Wetland Conservation