Wood energy use and natural forest conservation: a case study of Minziro forest reserve, Missenyi district Tanzania

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
This study sought to investigate the relationship between wood fuel use in the households and the impacts this has on the natural forest of Minalro, The sustainability of natural forest through the conservation measures practiced by the local populations, and how the community living adjacent to Minziro forest benefit, their responsibility to the continuous regeneration of already encroached forest parts by human kind. The role of the community, the government and sustained income and knowledge of the people, The study investigated the social, physical environmental and economic consequences arising from wood energy use at household level, the physical environment of Minziro and the forest reserve peripherals which are continuously being depleted. The main objective was to find out wood energy uses and sources on which the communities around Minziro forest reserve depended. It was found that 98 percent of the population living in Minziro depends on fuel wood from the Minziro forest, for their domestic energy consumption. The interviews were conducted at the district Headquarters with District staff to establish the efforts and conservation measures of Minziro forest reserve on the ground and to identify the gaps in the efficiencies of energy resources uses by people living adjacent to the forest. The study relied on four research techniques face to face interviews; Participant observation, Documents and community transect walks. The entire respondents underwent face to face interviews using questionnaires and interview guide were also utilized. In conclusion the Local government has the responsibility in managing of the Minziro forest through Joint forestry management, facilitating, empowerment, education and campaigns and other forms of economic activities as alternative source of livelihood to conserve the Minziro forest reserve.
A Dissertation Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For Award Of A Degree Of Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Management Of Kampala International University Uganda
Wood energy use, Natural forest conservation, Minziro forest reserve, Missenyi district, Tanzania