The effects of compensation on employee performance in organizations, a case study of Kenya seed company Kitale Kenya.

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was about compensation and its effects on employees' performance Kenya Seed Company in Kitale, Kenya. The need to carry out the study was necessitated by the fact that there are complains about compensation system with nose-diving performance levels in the company. There has been poor implementation of policies and the payment system has been biased to favor management. The purpose of the study was therefore to investigate the effects of rewards on employee performance in this company. The specific objectives of the study were to examine the forms of compensation used, identify the existing relationship between these rewards of compensation systems with performance levels and show their effects on employee performance. The results obtained revealed that productivity revolves around compensation in any organization. Poor compensation systems lead to poor performance and vice versa. Therefore, management has to ensure that its' workforce is rewarded as a way of motivating them so as to improve on their performance hence increase in the overall productivity of the company. It was recommended that other forms of compensation should be applied apart from the existing ones. Equal and consistent systems should be applied across the employee _fraternity (If the company to ensure compensation equity. This will reduce the negative effects seen across the recent times in the company and boost performance and profitability for all the stake holders. The major stakeholder being the government of Kenya should inject fresh leadership and capital to fully compensate and attract skilled employees who have since left the company for the betterment of all the workers, and especially the employees of the Kenya Seed Company
A research report submitted to the faculty of business and management partial fulfillment for the award of a bachelor of human resource management of Kampala international university
Human Resource Management, Compensation, Employee, Performance, Organizations, Kenya seed company