The impact of local community activities on wetland conservation in Olyanai Swamp in Kalaki Sub County, Kaberamaido Eastern Uganda

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Kampala International University.College of Engneering and Applied Sceince
An investigation to assess the impacts of local community activities on wetland conservation was conducted in Olyanai swamp, Kalaki Sub county, Kaberamaido district in Uganda. The aim of this study was to find out the impacts of local community activities on wetland conservation of Olyanai swamp. The purpose of the study was to establish different community activities carried out, the impacts of those activities, the conservation practices and peoples attitudes towards the conservation of Olyanai swamp. The methods used in raw data collection during research included: selection of a sample of 50 respondents using random sampling technique, and instruments of questionnaires, interview guide, observations during transect walks through the study area while taking photographs. The findings of the study revealed that community activities carryout included:- Agriculture, grazing of animals, firewood collection, grass harvesting, fishing, water collection, extraction of construction materials (clay for brick making), gathering of crafts and medicinal plants and hunting of wild animals. These activities were found to have several impacts as:- Destruction of wildlife, reduction in water quality and quantity, deforestation and increase in soil erosion, landscape destruction, deterioration in soil productivity hence low standards of living due to poverty. In conclusion, the researcher encourages that the following the conservation practices are carried out: The government creates awareness among the local community on the best use of wetlands and not to see them as waste lands.
Dissertation submitted to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in partial fulfilment for the award of a degree of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Local community, Activities, Wetland, Conservation